Our strenghts

Being closer
to customer needs
Understanding the issues
Constantly innovating

About us

TME Engineering has designed and supplied equipment for the hollow glass industry since 1979. Our specific area of expertise is working with glass bottles producers.

We initially specialised in the development of variable equipment for the IS Machines.

At TME we want to be close to our customers, to understand their issues and to innovate in order to propose equipment which will help them in their industrial performance.

GlassPro has brought expertise in fire polishing to TME.

TME and GlassPro equipment is fabricated in Belgium and French workshops.

We work with our customers in different regions of the globe: Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, North America, Central America, South America


Innovation is in the DNA of TME.

We launched in 2017 a new type of variable equipment.

Two new products are under development for 2018.

We are also working on three innovative systems projects that are at the heart of the manufacturing process. For one of them we have created a paternship with the company Symplex.

Our offer

TME/GlassPro provides variable equipment for all kind of processes and IS machine sizes. The scope of our supply covers from the feeder to the annealing lehr.

TME/GlassPro has an offer for variable equipment which has three categories.

TME/GlassPro provides classic variable material: « TME Classic .» We pay particular attention to the quality of equipment we supply, materials, control of tolerances and quality of assembly. TME / GlassPro has developed to meet the specific needs of its customer the make « TME Custom Made». TME offers beyond these two makes « TME Innovation.» It is a line of products developed by TME/GlassPro for our Customers to meet their specific needs. We have focused on the following four points:

  • Improvement of the thermal performance of the manufacturing process
  • Improvement of bottle quality by very precise control of deformations
  • Flexibility (Quick Change, Easy Job Change.)
  • Lighter product (Improves manual operations, better for health safety of workforce, reduced machine fatigue wear)


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Means of production

Our foundry suppliers are in Belgium and France.

Our equipment is made in Belgium. We have a very high requirement on material quality, machining precision and assembly dimensional control.

The machinery we use is the most up to date and suited to the precision levels we require.

Contact us

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